What Editions are still available?

Please contact me for inquiries into which edition of print is currently for sale.  The print is created on demand and reviewed prior to shipping to ensure it is perfect.  


Can you print in a different size?

Yes, we can print in any size but be aware that depending on the size and orientation of the print, not all sizes may work as too much of the image may be cropped.  We are happy to discuss sizing options with you to find one that will work.  The print will count towards the total edition number regardless of size.


Can you print on a different paper?

Yes, if you a prefer a specific paper type please contact us to inquire.  The recommended paper type for each print is listed below the image and selected for what is felt to display the particular image best.  


Can you provide framing?

Absolutely! We work closely with an exceptional custom framing specialist and are happy to provide advice with regards to frame, glass and matting options.  


Do you provide acrylic face-mount?

This is one of our favourite formats and are happy to provide a quote for this.

Where do you ship?

Pretty much everywhere! Please contact us for questions regarding shipping.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds - each print is made to order.


I have other questions?

Contact us!